Luis Enrique Silvestre Guerra

Havana, Cuba, 1966

Luis Enrique Silvestre Guerra is a contemporary Cuban artist, born in 1966 in Havana but raised in Hershey, Matanzas. At 16, he moved back to Havana to continue his studies. He had briefly attended the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba, and the Higher Institute of Industrial Design (ISDI) before he landed a job as Graphic Designer at the prestigious Bohemia Magazine. A series of gouache over carton drawings that earned him a Mention at the 1988 Salón de la Ciudad de Havana and an invitation to join the prestigious Higher Institute of Arts (ISA), where he was mentored by artists such as Flavio Garciandía, Eduardo Ponjuán, and Osvaldo Sanchez, exponents of the 80’s Generation movement. Silvestre decided to leave Cuba and move to Brasil in 1999. He now lives and works in the creative Vila Madalena neighborhood in São Paulo. He had individual shows at the National Museum of Fine Arts (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), the Cultural Center Laurinda Santos Lobo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and group shows at the Cuenca Biennial (Ecuador), the Wilfredo Lam Center (Havana, Cuba), Berini Gallery (Barcelona, Spain), and the Latin American Art Pavillion at the Red Dot Fair in Miami.

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